Website Design

If you have an Idea, we can help you spread your Idea by creating an iconic website which represents our Idea in the Best possible way and communicate it with the right users across the World.

Your presence on Internet is inevitable if you want to expand your Business manifolds and multiply your volume exponentially. We make sure, your Brand hits the perfect ground on Internet by designing a balanced website with a perfect ratio of HTML Content and Graphics. Creating a Website Design does not merely includes HTML coding or too much of Graphics, when you are at PMS Infotech, what it really means is to arrange the correct information with suitable graphics such that, it follows the rules and norms set by Internet Industry and Google to easily make you visible on the prime location of all Search Engines.

90% Website owners, unfortunately have designs which are attractive but not as per the Standard norms and hence, even after spending huge on advertisement, could not make their way to the first page of major search engines. A Logical and Rational Website Designing will easily help you crawl to the first page of all search engines with relevant keywords, which will focus on most profitable and returning visitors across the globe.

If you don’t have a domain, we can help you get the Best and Shortest Domain after doing intense brain storming on multiple domain names which co-relates the domain with your Idea. A Proper and Short Domain helps create an Efficient Brand which is easy to remember and leaves a long lasting impression on the potential customers.

We give immense importance to various SEO related factors like Content, Unique URL, Page Title, Meta Description, Keywords and Alt Tags of Images so that you are discoverable on all major search engines from day one.

Designing a Website is like designing a Business Card, no matter how brilliant the design is, but if it is not reaching the right people, the purpose is not solved, similarly if proper Content, Design and Optimization of Website is not done, then it remains un-discovered by the World.

Our Expert Team who has more than a decade of Experience on Content Writing, makes sure that no Stone is left unturned in capturing the right and important information related to your Product/ Services.

Website Design is divided into 2 major segments:

  • SEO Friendly HTML Code
    which is important for Search Engines to understand what is your Website all about, this enables you to remain on top of search pages when relevant keyword is searched on any of the Search Engines.
  • User Interface
    which means the look and feel of the Website as seen by a visitor. This is the first impression of any visitor, hence it is important to create an unforgettable look. However, this is the second step which comes into the picture only after the visitor has found you on Search Engine – Step 1.

SEO Friendly Website

PMS Infotech has a dedicated Team who does an in-depth study on more than 25 technical parameters related to On-Page Search Engine Optimization. This includes intensive Test of each page of your Website to make sure it follows each and every parameter in our check list.

What we check and improve?
  • Unique URL, Page Title, Meta Description, Keywords and Alt Tags
  • Favicon
  • Broken Link Analysis
  • Minify Javascript, HTML and CSS
  • Enable Gzip Compression
  • Optimize Images
  • H1 to H6 Usage
  • WWW redirect – Preferred Domain
  • IP Canonicalization
  • Robot.txt file defining
  • URL Rewriting
  • Mobile Friendliness
    • Touchscreen Readiness (min. 50 pixel buttons and min. 35 pixel spacing)
    • Mobile CSS and Redirection
    • Mobile View port
    • Mobile specific Images (Lighter Images for Faster Loading)

User Interface

Background Color, Font Color, Font Style, Spacing, Images, Page Layout and few more things helps to make the User Interface Impressive and User Friendly.

PMS Infotech Team infuses extensive efforts in designing the user interface such that it creates a Branding Effect by employing Best Quality Images sourced from Paid Resources.

With minimum Clicks, the customer should get maximum information from Website, this involves a detailed analysis on Flow of Click.

CTA Call to Action: Setting up an appealing Call to Action button on Website forces the visitors to click on a specific link or button, depending on which we can understand their requirement, their taste and their basic details. This helps us to evaluate the response of visitors for a specific product or services. Moreover attractive CTA also increase the user engagement and forces the user to spend more time on website by clicking and moving to pages they like and find interesting.

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